Winterspear At Highgate NTD

Winterspear At Highgate NTD

  • NTD ( Novice Trick Dog)
  • +/+ BAER Tested
  • Dentition Complete: Scissor Bite
  • OFA/PennHip :TBD
  • Cardiac: TBD
  • CAER: Normal
  • bb (Liver) EE

SIZE: 21"inches / 53 cm
BAER Tested +/+ Full Hearing | bbEE Liver | Complete Dention Scissor Bite  |
OFA/ PENN HIP: TBD  | CAER: Normal ADVANCED CARDIAC:TBD  | CHIC assigned upon health testing completion

Can Ch, Ir Jr Ch Alphadirato Kalokairie Imp Est X Can Ch Kalokairie Eyes On The Prize SA CAX Imp GB

"Atlin" WINTERSPEAR AT HIGHGATE is a very exciting puppy bred by Salena of Winterspear Dalmatians. 

Very correct structure true to the Standard.  Excels in correct layback, lay-on and angulation in the front with proper fore-chest, depth of chest and rib spring.   Well proportioned nicely arched neck flowing smoothly into the shoulders.  Firm level topline with strong loin and correct tail set.  The rear is in harmony with the front, having  appropriate angulation, moderate bend of stifle and well let down hocks.  Correct proportions throughout, with all parts in balance and nothing overdone.  Classic Dalmatian head and true coach-dog compact tight feet.  The Standard personified.  Icing on the cake is beautiful markings and a cheerful, willing 'can-do' attitude. 

Dalmatian Club Of Canada Standard Illustrated Breed Standard — Dalmatian Club of Canada

Canadian Kennel Club Dalmatian Breed Standard Dalmatian.pdf (