Wildeer Musette CGC CD (April)

Wildeer Musette CGC CD (April)

April Ashton

April 23, 1995- March 17, 2011 15 yrs and 11 Months

aka "Wilddeer Musette CD CGC"

Rest well my dear sweet girl I will never have another girl quite like you. You stole my heart.  You were the dog who taught me many lessons in life, you taught me patience as a teenager, you taught me what being responsible really means, you introduced me to the world of dogs & got me hooked!  You have been with me more than half of my life, I feel incredibly lucky to have had you by my side.   I am going to miss you terribly. I know your spirit is free and you are now running happily on the other side of the bridge with all your friends!

April was bred by Thurley Duck (RIP) Wildeer Dalmatians.  In many ways I accredit Thurley Duck for introducing me to the world of Dog Obedience.  As a responsible breeder one of her pre- requisites to owning one of her puppies is you MUST attend Obedience Classes.   I competed in both CKC Obedience and AIOC Obedience with April.  April earned Scores typically in the area of 194 out of 200 She won several High in Classes and an AIOC High in Trial.  I competed as a "junior" at the good old age of 13 with April.