Dalmatian Pedigree Database

The dogs my site on are dogs behind my own past, present and future Dalmatians,  Some of the Pedigree’s go back all into the 1800’s  * Some are also not alphabetical order because of the manor in which I entered them.

With the help of Alison Merritt  and Sandra Francis I was able to go back quite a ways on my Dalmatians Past, Present and Future Dalmatians.  

There is a lot of very old information that I see the value in showing what is hiding in behind my website several historical Dalmatian gems and neat photos.   

So If you come across any errors, missing titles or typo’s please contact via the contact on the site and I will modify the page. Some pedigree's have not been completed as of yet.

If you owner of one of the dogs on the site I would be thrilled if you would like to provide a personal bio about your dog and additional photos are welcome